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How to create Akeneo admin user via CLI?

To create an Akeneo admin user via the command line, you can make use of the Symfony console provided by Akeneo.

If you have installed an empty Akeneo, There is no default admin account. so you need to create an admin user via the command like.

For that, you have to open terminal/command prompt.

You now have to create an administrator user via the command pim:user:create. There is no default admin account. For instance:

Single Command:

bin/console pim:user:create superadmin GENERATEDSUPERADMINPASSWORD support@example.com Super Admin en_US --admin -n --env=prod

  1. superadmin is the user name.
  3. support@example.com email

Described Command:

You also can create user using Question and input just enter after the command

bin/console pim:user:create

It will ask Some inputs from you like below

Please enter the user's information below.
Username :
Password (the input will be hidden) :
Confirm password :
First name :
Last name :
Email :
UI default locale code (e.g. "en_US") :
Catalog default locale code (e.g. "en_US") :
Catalog default scope code (e.g. "ecommerce") :
Default tree code (e.g. "master") :

Create Akeneo User CLI

Now, we successfully created a new admin account. The system returns this message:

User admin has been created.

Now to go to admin login page, and fill the login details.

Reference: Akeneo Docs

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